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If you’ve ever tried to repair or patch drywall in your home or business, you know that it’s not always an easy task.
We are a company that provides construction services with plaster (partitions, coatings, borders and projected plaster, we have a professional, qualified, punctual and efficient staff, we always look for ways to innovate in the field of construction with the help of tools of latest generation to provide extensive benefits at competitive prices.


Most companies fail to differentiate between normal drywall and drywall, we specialize in repairs and renovations, change and mix of textures and water damage. Our reputation is based on the quality and integrity of our work.
A nasty hole in your building’s drywall will negatively affect your business image. Commercial properties need to be maintained and damaged walls, if ignored, will only get worse. It is important to manage these problems as soon as possible. Repairing drywall surfaces can be expensive, but if the drywall is damaged, it will be repaired and painted without spending a lot of money.
We know that finding a reliable contractor is one of the top concerns for homeowners today. However, when your construction needs seem so challenging, our team is committed to excellence, providing reliable and efficient service for your construction and remodeling needs, be it interior painting, paving, or carpentry.


• It is lighter than conventional masonry walls.
• Its lightness adds points in terms of security, and facilitates its assembly.
• Its assembly is characterized by being clean, it generates little residue or dirt.
• It is recommended when there is a possibility of risk of seismic movements.
• It favors thermal and acoustic insulation.
• It adapts to any climate.


Sheetrock is always a great low-cost option for interior partitions in your home or on your commercial and industrial properties. We make sure that each room is correctly divided and is completely hermetic from each other, we use only fire resistant materials and low energy consumption.

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