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A good design does not require expensive materials. Harmony and visual impact by combining textures and colors in a balanced way can be achieved with any type of budget. Textured finishes are very common and you have surely seen them on walls and ceilings. These have many benefits, among them, harmonizing spaces, gives aesthetics and gives a personal touch to those places that are special to you, having infinite options to adapt to your taste and personal style.

Benefit # 1

  • Coatings made from highly durable materials, they are resistant and easy to wash.

Benefit # 2

  • Thermal and acoustic characteristics that allow greater privacy, that is, the extra volume that can be achieved with textured finishes increases thermal resistance in extreme temperatures and also helps to reduce noise through the walls.

Benefit #3

  • That decorative touch you can achieve in your spaces, whatever you want, plus you can give that benefit to both your interiors and exteriors.

Main uses

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Facades

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