Drywall services

It is one of the most widely implemented options in commercial premises and offices, since it contributes significantly to the creation of spaces and / or cubicles.

It allows to adapt to all the needs within a work and solves the most varied requirements: dividing walls, ceilings and coatings, it also allows to carry out interior installations of electricity networks, drinking water, drainage, telephony, computers, cable TV, and others; as well as it has thermo-acoustic insulation and vapor barriers inside.

Recommended for use in all types of works, both new and remodeling, residential complexes, hotels, health, educational institutions and shopping centers.

Quick Installation:

It is simple so it requires simple tools. The time for its installation is very short.

Ease of handling

Because it is a lightweight system, it is easy to store, transport and handle.

Minimum waste and Maximum Cleaning

Due to their easy planning and control over inputs, they limit waste, which in turn generates cost overruns.

Under weight

This allows a considerable reduction in dead loads, reducing their incidence on the structure and on the cost of the foundation.


Easy application of finishes

Finishes such as paint, veneer or stone can be easily applied following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quick and easy adaptation of spaces

Spaces can be quickly renovated, reusing much of the removed material without damaging the existing construction.

Isolation programming

With this system it is possible to program the thermal and acoustic insulation by varying the thickness of the sheet and introducing insulation into the space generated between them.

Earthquake Resistance

The composition of these structures allows to assimilate changes, deformations and avoid collapsing or overturning of walls, thanks to their flexibility and lightness.

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